About the Comic



Kevin Rogers is a 16 years old boy, thin and quite tall. He is asthmatic because of dust allergy, likes chocolates a lot and he is always chewing gum. He doesn´t go to school and study at the attic of an old library.

As any other boy, he likes Video Games and he use to play them online using his code name; The Doom.

Sylvia “Star” is more a demon than a monster, she become in a sort of bigger sister for Kevin taking care of him and conducting him trough his childhood, that´s the reason why Kevin always call her “Star”.

She can change her body shape looking like a human, she is very pretty and sexy but also extremely powerful, likes Heavy Metal and dress like a Rock Star from the 80´s.

Doctor Giorgio DiRisio An older man (around 70), a kind of mentor for Kevin. He is the owner of the library where Kevin and Sylvia lives.

He used to be a doctor, but when one of his patient dies he lost his license. He is a tall man, very tall almost 7,10 feet and uses a walking stick to move. On the other hand, he is fighting against his alcoholism and helping the “kids” makes him believe in a better life.

Tulha is maybe Kevin´s first creation, is his protector and bodyguard. He can change his size so he can transform in to a pocket monster, so he is always with Kev.

Some of his powers are fire spit from his mouth and his hands can grow to smash. He is funny, always making jokes and from time to time acts like Kev´s conscience.

Darcy is Sylvia´s best friend, a very positive girl plenty of energy. She is always cheering everybody up, but deep inside her, she feels very solitaire.

She is very close to Kevin but looks him as his baby brother, though she is only one year older.

Black Soul is a scavenger of disturbed minds. Lurks in dirty alleys and forgotten while waiting for new victims to feed himself… literally.